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Pastoral Council:

The Pastoral Council assists the pastor in fostering parish activities by promoting the life of the Gospel among the people of God. While not possessing any directive or administrative functions, the Pastoral Council is designed to assist the pastor in matters relating to the parish needs and activities, to consider them and to formulate and recommend practical conclusions concerning them to the pastor for his review and decision. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our growing community. We strive to educate our membership in the faith and to respond to the needs of others, particularly the hungry, both spiritually and physically. We seek to be a unified parish family, bearing witness, in all we say and do, to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Current Members:

Richard Knox
Mark Korb
Colleen McDanald
Andy Rankin
Josh Byczkowski
Lois Carroll
Catherine Glaser
Ron Harding

Finance Council:

An active and well-formed Parish Finance Council is an important and necessary support to the parish administrator in fulfilling his duty of being a good steward of parish resources. A Parish Finance Council supports the good governance of a parish and helps to insure accountability to the diocese and to the parishioners. The Parish Finance Council helps assure a financially sound church that is well-prepared to achieve its overall mission.

Current Members:

John Berkhausen
Jim Clay
David Frick
Joe Helm
Tom Hirn
Justin Montgomery
Julie Mote
Daniel Schneider